Acer Campestre information and pictures

Lets talk about Acer campestre today, I know you will love to know about it. Acer campestre has common name called Field Maple, a maple native to much of Europe, north to southern England where it is the only native maple at Denmark, Poland and Belarus and southwest Asia from Turkey to the Caucasus and north Africa in the Atlas Mountains.

In North America it is known as Hedge Maple and in Australia it is sometimes called Common Maple. The medium sized of this tree reaching 15-25 meters tall with a trunk up to 1 diameter with finely fissured, often somewhat corky bark. The leaves are in opposite pairs 5-16 cm long including the 3-9 cm petiole and 5-10 cm broad with five blunt rounded lobes with a smooth margin. The fruit is a Samara with two winged seeds aligned at 180 each seed and 8-10 mm wide, flat with 2 cm wing. Field Maple is widely grown as an ornamental tree in parks and large gardens. The wood is white, hard and strong, and used for furniture and flooring, though the small size of the tree and its relatively slow growth make it an unimportant wood.It is locally naturalized in parts of the United States and more rarely in New Zealand. A Field Maple in Germany.