Peony|Peony flower

Yesterday I took photos of our flowers and one of them are tall and give big blooms. I took several photos but I will only share one original photo from our flower garden right here so its easy for you to load the webpage. They changes color, from white to yellow from yellow to light pink. I am surprise that they do that. I don't have any idea of whats the name of the flower. However, I found the plastic with name on it Peony flower.
According to other people, of all the flowers you can grow, peonies are often the most luxurious and spectacular blooms in early summer garden. They are adaptable, durable perrennials that will tolerate cosiderable insult as long as they have good drainage. Peonies, like roses, have an ancient pedigree dating back to at least 1000 BC. For centuries, peonies were grown primarily for their seeds, leaves, and roots which were widely used for a variety of ills. The medical value faded in Western cultures as it gained favor with horticulturists, though there is now an renewed interest. Peonies are also a favorite of artists in almost every culture. Peonies grow tall about 1 meter high. I hope you enjoy to see the photo of peonies flower. My husband like them too as they give many blooms. The blooms is much bigger than roses bloom. To check the different colors and types of peonies visit peonies flowers.