check out why is it Apple is one of the forbidden fruit

My parents, my brothers, sisters and I love to eat apple. It is a fruit that we don't usually eat as it cost a bit. So the topic I'm going to share with you here today is about apple. Based on my research the Apple is the pomaceous fruit of the apple tree. It is the most known widely cultivated tree fruits. At the year of 2005 at least 55 million tons of apples were grown worldwide with a value of about $10 billion. China is the highest producer of apples of world production, they are 35%  on ranking and followed by United States that is 7.5%.

The apple tree was perhaps the earliest tree to be cultivated and its fruits have been improved through selection over thousands of years. In biblical, apple is the forbidden fruit, check out the book of Genesis. The apple cultivars is housed at National Fruit Collection in England. Apple fruit use to many things, you can use them for making fruit salad, cooking meal, making beverage etc. Most new apple cultivators originate as seedlings, which either arise by chance or are bred by deliberately crossing cultivator with promising characteristics.

The words "seedling' pippin and kernel in the name of an apple cultivar suggest that it originated as a seedling. Apple have been acclimatized in Ecuador at very high altitudes, where they provide crops twice per year because of constant temperature conditions in a whole year. Most modern apple root stocks were bred in the 20th century. Rockstock used to control tree size have been used in apple cultivation for over 2,000 years.