Crows can hear sound frequencies lower than human

The article I'm going to share with you here today is about crows. As you can see on photo here the crows are large passerine birds that form the genus Corvus in the family Corvidae. When I was young I was afraid of crows, why? my parents said crows will carry a small kid away. As I am young and don't have enough learning of what they say I believed them. But now that I am old enough to understand the living of human and animals I am not scared of crows. They are just a birds that eat fruits and other small animals like chicken. There are many species are similar in appearance and determining actual range and characteristics can be very difficult. Crows have been known to imitate the human voice just like parrots do. In part of East Asia, crows that have been trained to speak are considered valuable as crows are a sign of luck for them. Some people love crows and they have adopted crows as pets. I did not know this but crows have been shown to have the ability to visually recognize individual humans and to transmit information about bad human by squawking. In the United States it is legal to hunt crows. There is no bag limit when taking during the crow hunting season and anytime if if crows are causing a nuisance or health hazard they can be shot. Crows has sensitive hearing, they can hear sound frequencies lower than human can hear which complicates the study of their vocalizations. Crows are often score very highly on intelligence tests.