The fish that live below the photic zone, Check this out

My family and I like to eat fish. The reason are; the fish are little bit cheaper than meat, the other reason is fish is a lot healthier. Meat is good but eating meat often cause high blood. If you want to stay healthy I suggest to you that fish or seafood are the best food you can eat. The topic I want to share with you today is about Deep Sea Fish. As you can see in picture I uploaded here some deep sea look weird.

The deep sea fish is a term for fish that live below the photic zone of the ocean. Some deep sea fish include the cookiecutter shark, flashlight fish, bristlemouths, and viperfish.
Why do this fish live in photic zone? Because the photic zone typically extends only a few hundred meters below the water, about 90% of the ocean volume is invisible to humans. The deep sea fish has evolved appropriately to the extreme sub photic region.Many deep sea fish are bioluminescent with extremely large eyes adapted to the dark. Some have long feelers to help them locate prey or attract mates in the pitch black of the deep ocean. I hope you guys enjoy to read the article I shared here.