The fact about Goat and its picture

When I was young I am crazy about goat. They are so gentle and beautiful. I like goat a lot, their babies are so adorable. When my parents butcher goat I go somewhere so I could not hear the voice of goat shouting. I feel pity to hear the voice of animals screaming especially the goat voice. I wish goat can live like human and not to be butcher but God created them for human food. The goat is a member of the Bovidae family and is closely related to the sheep both are in the goat antelope subfamily caprinae. Goat have been used for meat, hair, milk and skin of the world. Meaning people made clothing by using goat skin. The female goats are called a does or nannies and the male goat called bucks or billies. The word goat comes from the old English goat which is mean "she-goat". Goat naturally have two horns. The goat milk production varies with breed, age, quality and diet of doe. Dairy goats generally produce between 660 L to 1,500 and 4,000 Ib of milk per 305 day lactation. After the 305 day lactation, the doe will "dry off", typically after she has been bred.The goats are reputed to be willing to eat nearly anything except tin cans and cardboard boxes. Aside from sampling many things, goats are quite particular in what they actually consume, preferring to browse on the tips of woody shrubs and trees, as well as the occasional broad-leaved plant. I hope the article I shared here wil answer your search.