Scientist researching the use of spider venom in medicine

If I am afraid of snake I am also afraid of spider. I know some spider are not poisonous but for the sake of my future I stay away from spider. My mother and father told me one time that there are two kind of spider that are very poisonous. The first one is black and the other one is brown. They said, if a person got bite with a black spider he/she will die noon time. If the brown bite a person he/she will die evening time. It is the same as snake, there are two kind of snake in this country that are also the same as spider. I heard that a lot of people scared about spider. That makes me laugh for a while as I am not real scared about other kind of spider. The spider I am scared about was the one I mentioned above the black and the brown spider. Spider are air breathing chelicerate arthropods that have eight legs and clelicerae modified into fangs that inject venom. Spiders are all over the world. Spidrs do not have antennae, I think because they are air-breathing. Spider use a wide range of strategie to capture prey trapping it in sticky webs, lassoing it with sticky bolas, mimicking the prey to avoid detection, or running it down. Male spiders identify themselves by a variety of complex courtship rituals to avoid being eaten by the females. Male spiders survive a few matings, limited mainly by their short life spans. Venom of spider are very dangerous to human and the fact is, the scientists are now researching the use of spider venom in medicine and as non-polluting pesticides.