Water lilies are the best flowering plants you can plant in bodies of soil

When my family and I lived at the farm we have a pond and it was about 15 by 10 meters. We put a lot of fish like tilapia, catfish etc. We also plant water lily so the fish can hide under the shadow of water lily when they get hot. My country is hot and sometimes the temperature goes up to 110 degree. So the water lily that we have planted into our pond was tropical water lilies. I did not know that there are two kinds of water lilies. There are hardy water lilies and tropical water lilies. According to other people, hardy lilies bloom only during the day and tropical lilies can bloom day and night. Water lily is beautiful, they really protect the fish from heat because they have big leaves and the flowers is adorable, big and beautiful. If I remember exactly, water lilies has led o their widespread use as ornamental plants. Water lilies grow in soil in bodies of water, with leaves and flowers floating on the water surface. Take time to look how water lilies grow over the surface of water. You might say they are amazing and grows like magic. There are only few plants rooted in soil bodies of water and water lilies is one of those plants. If you have a fish pond, the water lilies is the best flowering plants to plant. They grow 100% sure in bodies of water.