Find out how crabs live

Seafood is my favorite food. They are not too fat but has a lot of protein. In this article I will share some info about crab. Crab live in ocean, river and stream. They are easy to catch as they can't run fast. crab are generally cover with a thick exoskeleton and armed with a single pair of chelae. About 850 species of crab are freshwater or terrestrial. Crab can be found world wide both tropical and semi-tropical regions. Crabs main predators are bony fish. The male crabs often have larger claws. The female crabs often have small claws. How do crabs walk? They typically walk sideways. However, some crabs prefer to walk forward or backward including raninids, mictyris platycheles and libinia emarginata. Crabs are also active animals with complex behavior patterns. Crabs are aggressive towards one another and male crabs often fight to gain access to females. crabs even fight over hiding holes. Crabs are omnivores, they take food such as Moluccas, worms, crustaceans, fungi, detritus and bacteria. Crabs are also known to work together to provide food and protection for their family. During mating season crabs find a comfortable spot for the female to release her eggs. I like seafood but I also feel pity to see them cook because some people cook crabs in a boiling water and seems like the crabs are screaming like lobster.