Agouti is a useful animals

The agouti know as scatter hoarders. Meaning the agouti when they have plenty of food they bury excess food such as nuts and fruits in various place throughout their range. The Agouti refers to a number of species of rodents as well as a number of genes affecting coat coloration in several different animals. Agouti sometimes forget to remember where they have stored all of their excess food. Agouti is useful animals, they play a vital role in the forest by dispersing the seeds of many different plants. Without the seed dispersing play of the agouti the forest trees would never find suitable place to root and flourish. Most agouti form a pair bond that last for life like human does. The pair will make the boundaries of their home range. Meaning the pair will live in a territory of 1 to 2 hectares. Agouti pair will breed the whole year through but tend to breed most when there are plenty of fruit. The male agouti will court female agouti by showering his mate with urine. The male did that causing the female agouti to go into a dance after she allow him to approach her. It is estimated 120 days later that the female agouti will give birth. After birth she keep her baby safe away from predators. Some agouti will transfer their baby to a small burrow with an entrance that even she cannot fit through. The mother agouti will nurse her baby each morning and evening time. In time the baby agouti will grow like its parents before it.