Believe or not Porcupines can throw their quills at their enemies

I like animals especially when they are not dangerous animals. The topic for today that I will share with you right here is about Porcupines. In this country I never heard or see porcupines around. I think the reason is, this country is hot and full of predators. People here love hunting and some animals like wild pig are gone. I have never taste the meat of wild pig but according to my old ancestor they taste like pig but has a wild taste.As you can see in the picture here you can tell that porcupines animals looks dangerous, why? see the long quills? Oh they are very sharp and will certainly prick your skin if you try. They are not big animals but their defend strong. Know that porcupines are rodent animals with a coat of sharp spines or quills that defend them from predators. Porcupines are indigenous in both the old world and the new world. Some porcupines are about 25-36 inches long and the tail is about 8-10 inches long. Porcupines eat leaves, green plants, twigs and bark. They usually climbs trees to find food and they are mostly nocturnal. They live in deserts, rocky outcrops, forests, grassland and hillsides. From ancient times, it was known that porcupines can throw their quills at predators. In Kenya, porcupines have become a pest and are eaten as a delicacy. Porcupines live in tropical and temperature parts of Southern Europe, Africa and North, South America and Asia.