Cadena-de-amor is a beautiful flower

I talked to my mother when I got up this morning. I asked her to send me photos of the store they built and the photos of flowers my husband and I sent for them. I don't think the names of flowers we sent for them as I am not interested to know them before but since my mother and sisters told me that the flowers are beautiful I got impressed. My mother told me that some of them are Cadena de Amor. Flowers that grows like a vine with many blooms. I like Cadena de Amor a lot and if I remember right we had planted Cadena de Amor a long time ago. I guess I was about 5 years old that time. I will put thre photos here so you can see them. They are very beautiful flowers and most people plant them along the pen so they can climb. According to my mother our neighbors asked her some flower and Mom give her the Cadena de Amor. The good thing is a lot of people passes the street says “ Wow thats a very beautiful flowers”. I can tell that Cadena De Amor is one of the adorable flowers that you will not get tired seeing them. They add beauty to your house and also you can use them in purpose like when there is a program in schools etc. I hope you like the photos uploaded here. If you have comments, the comment button at the bottom of this post is open for you. I will be happy to read them in behalf of your opinion. God bless you all guys!