Find out of how to stop cutworm from eating your plants? Check this out

Cutworm is the enemy of plants. They are know as an agricultural and garden pests. They are voracious leaf, bud, and stem feeders and can destroy entire plants. Why they are named as a cutworm? Because they are cutting off a seedling at ground level by chewing through the stem. How can you identify a cutworm from your garden? They are green, brown or yellow soft bodied caterpillars and has longitudinal stripes up to 2.5 cm/1 inch in length. How can you stop cutworm from eating your plants? Just simply follow the instruction. Cutworm are active at night as they stay in soil during the day. What you have to do is, in the evening take a mixture of insecticidal soap and water and just spray it around your plants. Another method is, take cornmeal and sprinkle madly around the garden. Having chickens in the lot will help too as chickens find cutworm eggs and other pest that are bothering your plants.