Guyabano fruit.Good fruit ,delicious.Want to taste?

Hi guys do you eat Guyabano fruit?In our farm we have guyabano and when we saw it was having ripe fruit ,we hurry to climb and get then enjoy eating after
Guyabano is a good fruit.I can tell it's because I do ate and like the taste.If you guys want to eat fruit of Guyabano then you can have it,maybe the market has on sell and if nothing then you can buy seeds and plant for the future.hmnn
By the way the Guyabano has many uses and it also good for herbal medicine.Don't you know its a wonderful fruit?Guyabano is good for health food,taste delicious.
Well lets find out what can we do to this Guyabano fruit.
First of all... Aside from being eaten raw, the guyabano fruit is processed into candies, tarts, shakes, ice-cream, sherbets and other beverages.Second is Guyabano has been used as folkloric herbal medicine in many regions through out the world. It is considered to be antispasmodic, sudorific and emetic. A decoction (boiling in water) of guyabano leaves is used to kill bedbugs and head lice.Wow amazing.
Pulverizing the guyabano seeds and mixing it with soap & water is used as effective spray against caterpillars, armyworms and leafhoppers on plants.

The guyabano leaves are believed to have a tranquilizing and sedative properties, the leaves are placed inside pillows or placed on top of the mattress to induce a good night's sleep.Do you want to try guys? Well have a sweet sleeping,sweet dreams in
And also to reduce fever, a decoction of leaves can be taken internally or the leaves added to bathing water also has the same effect.Yes we try it and how about you guys? The crushed fresh leaves are also applied on skin eruptions for faster healing. A poultice of young guyabano leaves is applied on the skin to alleviate rheumatism and other skin infections like eczema. Applied during the healing of wounds, this can result in less or no skin scars. The decoction can also be used as a wet compress on swollen feet and other inflammations.
The juice of the fruit is taken orally as a herbal remedy for urethritis, haematuria and liver ailments.Studies are underway by leading medical institutes, universities and pharmaceutical companies of the healing properties of guyabano against cancers. Initial findings show that certain compounds and chemicals extracted from guyabano leaves, seeds, fruit and bark appear to kill cancer cells while leaving normal cells remain unaffected.How great it was.Therefore you guys,start planting Guyabano from now on coz it was a great help for staying healthy.Protecting from diseases.
However the Guyabano has a Scientific name it was Annona muricata Linnaeus .The tree and fruit is known in various names as Guyabano in Filipino, Soursop in English, Graviola in Brazil, and Guanabana in Spanish.