Using My DVR to Record My Soap Operas

I think the DVR is one of the best things that have been invented. I am constantly using it to record my soap operas on satellite TV, and my husband is also pleased with the nfl sunday ticket pricing. I can't afford to miss one episode of them, because if I do; it just throws everything off. I can program my DVR to record my shows at a specific time, and when I come home while I am preparing dinner, I can watch them.

I usually watch one while I am cooking, one while I am eating and the last one before bedtime. I actually do not remember when the last time was that I actually watched a show at regular programming. With my schedule it's just no feasible. The whole family actually utilizes the DVR, but I always have first choice. Everyone knows its my soap operas first. The only time anyone else is allowed to use it is during the night. I really hate to monopolize it the majority of the time, but I became a fan of the soap operas during my college years, and it has just been a tough habit to break. Honestly, I don't believe it is a habit I want to break. For now I am completely happy with my soaps and recording them on my DVR, so why would I even try to change a good thing.