The differences of Ant and Anteater

In my life I thought ant and anteater are they same. I am very wrong they are not. It is so good that my sister taught me to start writing an article for free. By writing article I learn a lot of things in life and thank you to my sister. Our article today is about Anteater, oh anteater is the predators of ants. They commonly known for eating ants and termites. For me I think that is good because termites and ants bite human and eat houses post and walls. The anteater is belong to animalia kingdom and mammalia class. I never see anteater in real life, thank you to the internet too of helping me known things I am wondering in my life. The size og anteater is about 6 feet long including the tail. Based on evolution, anteater are one of three surviving families of a once diverse group of mammals that occupied South America while it was geographically isolated from an invasion of animals from North America. Both giant and regular anteaters have no teeth. Their physical digestion is aided by pebbles and debris that consume when they are eating their protein packed meal. How can they eat? once the bugs are trapped by their sticky tongue, the bugs are crushed by the tongue against the anteaters hard palate. Anteater may swallow 35,000 ants and termites whole each day. Anteater can't see very well but by smell. Anteaters are aggressive but they can be fierce. The anteaters are generally solitary animals and females anteaters have a single offspring once a year and sometime can be seen riding on its mother's back. Wow, I wish I can see one riding but no chance there is no anteater in this place. The anteater has a long thin head and a large bushy tail. The prevailing color is gray with a broad black band bordered with white.