A short information about Alchemillar Alpina

By the help of internet I know the different kinds of plants and today I discover the plant name Alchemillar Alpina. There is not enough information about this plant but I do my research deeply and I found many article that discuss about this plant. Alchemilla alpina is an herbaceous perennial plant native to Europe that is used as ground cover and in rock gardens. The habitat of this plant is, meadows, pastureland and woodland clearing mainly on acid soil. The use of this plant is, for a vulgaris and used in making bitter herb pudding called Easter ledger. The leaves are used commercially in the blending of tea. Some people say, the leaves of this plant is smooth and shiny. They have an intriguing and attractive silver edge maybe due to silver hairs that cover the underside of the leaf and extend beyond the leafs edge.This plant spread through runners as well as by seed.I hope you got efficient information for this plants I am talking to you.