Antechinus looks like a cat but it is different

The Brown Antechinus is a species of small carnivorous marsupial of the family dasyuridae. This kind of species is mostly nocturnal and is arboreal. The male brown antechinues die after their first breeding season a a result of stress and exhaustion. The females build large communal nest shared by many individuals. It said the female brown antechinuses do not posses a pouch. This animals eat insects such as beetles, spiders, cockroaches and amphipods. Where can this species find? they are found in east of the great dividing range in Australia from Southeastern Queensland to around Koloa. It is mostly find in forested habitats.

The size of this species is, the head and body length is 95mm, the weight is different. The female weigh 28g and the male weigh 60g. The tail length is 90mm. Antechinus is not a rat but it is similar to rat. It it is small like rat sized with a flattish, pointed  snout, broad head and teeth like a cat teeth.