Brief information about Amsonia orientalis, Check this out

Wow! it is a very pretty flower. I wish I have this kind of flower here in my country. There is not enough information of Amsonia plants but I try my best to tell you what is it. There is many different kinds of amsonia and I pick the Amsonia orientalis. This plants needs to be planted close to trees or shrubs as they require shade and prefer a peaty soil. It doesn't mean you have to plant them in too many tree roots. Plant them near buildings or fences and put them where there is not much sunshine, for instance put them in a darker corner of a border. This kind of plants blooms from May to July. Amsonia orientalis give a lot of blooms and there are different kinds of color. There is yellow, purple, blue, white etc. Amsonia are clump forming perennials with milky sap, lance shaped leaves and terminal particles of small starry blue flowers in spring and summer. It is a woody based perennial with erect stems bearing narrowly lance shaped with dark green leaves and light or dark blue flowers.It is amazing vigorous plant that provide ample fall interest. I like it a lot and wish I have this kind of flower in my garden now.