In Portugal strawberry are fermented to make a strong tasting wine

Am not searching for strawberry tree, am actually searching for Arbutus unedo but the one come out in my search is strawberry tree. The strawberry tree is an evergreen shrub or small tree in the family Ecricaceae. Strawberry tree also known as Irish strawberry tree and killarney. It is a small tree with a spreading picturesque habit and gray brown bark that flakes and peels in thin plates to reveal the reddish young bark beneath. This kind of tree can get up to 30 feet tall and just as wide but many of the well-known cultivars are smaller.

The fruit is a red aggregate drupe to 1-2 cm diameter sometimes called arbutus berry with a rough surface maturing 13 months at the same time as the next flowering. Strawberry mainly serve as food for birds but in some countries they are used to make jam and liqueurs. This kind of tree is tolerant of acidic to alkaline soils. It is also excellent choice for shrub border or woodland garden or even as a small specimen tree. The usage of strawberry tree is, the bark has been used in tanning leather. In Portugal, strawberry tree fruits are fermented to make a strong tasting wine known as medronho. The strawberry tree is also planted as a focal point, carefully pruned to accentuate the branch structure and beautiful bark.