Leopard known for its ability in climbing trees

Leopard is a beautiful animals but is dangerous. The leopard is easily identify by its rosette patterned coat and extremely long and dark tail. Leopard is similar to cat but the difference between two is the cat is small and is not dangerous. Leopard is a versatile hunter and generally nocturnal in its pursuit of prey. In Asia, leopard is advantaged over the tiger by its ability to exist in areas without a plentiful of water supply. Leopard has a large skull, it is similar in appearance to the jaguar but is smaller and more slightly built. The leopard is also considered the type species of the genus panthera. It is believed that panthera have emerged in Asia with ancestors of the leopard and other cats subsequently migrating into Africa. The male leopard are about 30% larger than females leopard weighing 30-91 kg and the female weigh 23-60 kg. The leopard is larger and much more muscular than cheetah but slightly smaller and more lightly built than the jaguar. Leopard is known for its ability in climbing and it has been observed resting on tree branches during the day dragging its kills up trees and hanging them there and descending from trees headfirst. They are also known as a powerful swimmer. This kind of species is very agile and can run at over 58 kilometers per hour. This animals produce a number of vocalizations such as roars, sawing sounds, growls and grunts. I have never seen a leopard in real life. I hope someday I can see animals like this and other animals like lion, tiger, jaguar and more.