Picking the right diamond

I see a lot of diamonds at work, as my place of employment is a jewelry store. The employee discount isn’t good enough to buy a whole lot of pieces for myself, but I get to help pick out a fair share of engagement rings.

By now, I can read people as soon as they come in and tell if they’re shopping for engagement rings. Those are my favorite customers because I can normally tell how excited yet nervous they are about popping the question and finding the right ring to do it with.

Most times I’ll ask the person to describe their partner and then make suggestions from there. I had noticed in the past few months that I was struggling a little more to hear what my customers would say in these descriptions, making me struggle to hear them instead of concentrating on what they were conveying so I could help them pick out a ring. This was a bit frustrating so I decided to have my hearing assessed with a free free hearing test. I found out that I was having problems and wasn’t just imaging it and got fitted with some hearing aids.

I’m less worried about listening to the clients and can help them out more easily again, which is what I’m there for, after all.