Anthemis tinctoria is attractive flower that attract butterflies and all sort of pollinating insects

Anthemis tinctoria is a species in the genus Anthemis of the sunflower family. The flowers is similar to a cosmos. This flower is grown in gardens for its bright attractive flowers and fine lacy foilage. There is a white flowering form also but the most commonly grown form is the seed raised cultivar which has 5 cm wide, yellow flowers on 65 cm plants. The anthemis tinctoria has aromatic, bright green feathery foliage. This flower can be planted in waste ground area, fileds and moist woods or any well-drained soil. Some people like to grow and brew for tea and other uses. Anthemis tinctoria is a perrennial herb that is not native to California, it was introduced from elsewhere and naturalize in the wild. The common name is golden margeurite. This is a very attractive flower in combination with the cheerful flowers which attract butterflies, bees and all sorts of pollinating insects. This flower will not live long in clay.