Raspberries come in many colors beside red

Raspberries looks like a strawberry but I don't know if they are taste the same. I have tasted the strawberry at once in my life and they taste good. I wish I can taste the raspberries so I can compare their taste. The raspberries are composite fruit traditionally available in mid-summer, but with new harvesting innovations they can be enjoyed all year long. This kind of plants often grow in fields or forest clearing and are very hardy, having a tendency to take over unless cut back. There are usually two crops of raspberries: June bearing, and fall.

Raspberries come in many colors besides red. There are also black, gold and purple raspberries. The raspberries are very healthy food, they are high Vitamin C and naturally have no fat, sodium or cholesterol. Raspberries grow best in rich, well drained soil with a pH 6.0 to 6.5. The should not be plant in area where peppers, potatoes, eggplants, or tomatoes have been grown within 3 years because they are susceptible.If you are planning to plant raspberry, plant them in late fall or early spring about 2 to 1/2 feet apart in rows which are spaced about 7 to 8 feet apart. In early spring fed raspberry by scattering all purpose 10-10-10 fertilizer around them at the rate of 1 pound per 10 feet of row.