Aucuba is perfect plant for landscape and house plant

Aucuba is the gold dust plant and commonly planted in the landscape of the North Carolina. If you want to plant this plant it is best to grow in best part shade. Aucuba root easily caught diseases like soil borne fungi. To develop growing this plant, plant them to soil very high in organic matter and soil that is poorly drained. Placing excess fertilizer too close to the crown of the plant can also cause stem or root injury. The height of this plant is about 6 to 10 feet tall and the width is about 4 to 6 feet. Aucuba is a genus of three to ten species of flowering plants. this plant is native to eastern Asia from the eastern Himalaya east to Japan.

The Aucuba species is an evergreen shrub that grows slowly. Aucuba, is easy to grow and have to be plant in shady area. You can plant it too in pots as they are well suited as house plants. If you have a huge yard you can plant them around your house to add beauty to your house and yard. Remember they can fill the landscape with color, shape and texture all year long, with flowers in the spring, lovely foliage in the summer, and berries and bright leaves autumn. The roots of aucuba is shallow, so don't cultivate them near the plant.