Fingerless gloves for the whole family

When it comes to Christmas gifts, I like to make the buying easier by getting similar, if not the same, gifts for the whole family. When you have three sisters, that's also almost a necessity because I have to make sure that I get them all the same gift or at least one of them will complain about what they did get and what they didn't get.

But I recently took up knitting again and wanted to make something for everyone for Christmas by knitting. I thought that would also stop more complaining and keep my sisters even more satisfied with their gifts. When I was looking online for directions on how to make fingerless gloves, I came across some stuff about a satellite internet provide and after I got some MORE INFO, I signed our household up for it.

I found a fingerless gloves pattern after that that didn't seem too hard, so I used that to make my sisters' gifts this year