Abutilon bloom so much, Find out why?

The first word I will say "Wow" its a beautiful flower with a big bloom. Abutilon is recognized as the flowering maple even though it is not relation to the maple tree. The healthy abutilon can flower almost non-stop, in shades from white to pale yellow to deep coral and red. In India and and Asia this flowering plants commonly known as flower Maples. This plant is best to grown against a warm wall to provide heat and support. If you live in tropical or subtropical regions you can grow this plant as it is both hemispheres. The flowering maples do well in average. The best thing you may do in order to grow this flower plant is. plant them in dry soil though rich soil consisting of grown indoors. To re-potting this plant, is best to do in the spring. Keep them in a warm and humid atmosphere for a few weeks and sprints them with water often.

The abutilon are small upright shrubs with arching branches that bend under the weight of all the flowers. Another growing tip is, abutilon are not too particular about soil or water. They didn't like prolonged dry period but they also don't like to sit in wet soil. When your abutilon flower bloom you will be amaze of the bloom. When we talk about problem and pests. The usual houseplant pests will affect abutilon including: white flies, spider mites, mealybugs and scale.