A few personal New Year's resolutions

It kind of surprises me how open a lot of people are about their New Year's resolutions. I've never really been that forthcoming with mine because I'm so bad at keeping them. But this year I made a few personal New Year's resolutions that I'm kind of keeping to myself just because it's not anyone else's business to know and others probably won't see the results of them.

The first resolution that I wanted to make was to just tweeze my own eyebrows at home. I've been getting mine waxed for years and it's getting more and more expensive every time that I go that I know I can just do it myself at home. I thought I might as well find a good tweezer though so while I was online looking for that I came across the website Clearwirelessinternet.com and read through it a little bit. After a little bit of consideration I ordered one of the internet packages that I found on there.

Another one of the personal New Year's resolutions that I made too is to floss my teeth daily. I really hate doing it, which isn't something that I like to admit, but I'm determined to make it a daily habit.