I like Achillea flowering plants

When I first see these flower on the internet my first impression is, "Wow" it is a beautiful flowers. I wish we have these kind of flower in our front yard. Last two years my sister sent us a lot of flowers and we plant them in front of our yard and they bloom a lot. The achillea species are used as food plants by the larvae of some lepidoptera species. There are about 85 species of achillea but most garden selections have ferny, often feathery foliage and flat umbel flowers, although some like the Pearl have small button like blossoms and other flowers resembling daisies. Achillea is a joy to the gardener for its undemanding adaptive nature and its eagerness to perform abundantly throughout the summer. The foliage is fern-like and aromatic. Keeping this plant out of heavy moist soils, dividing every 2 years and removing the spent flowers assures months of continuous color. These flower will grow in dry soil, tolerates drought and some salt and likes well drained, loamy or sandy soils. Plants should be deadheaded for continual bloom. Shearing back after second bloom will refresh plant and reduce need for staking. It can spread rapidly if happy. I these flowering plants a lot, the blooms are so beautiful and I think people can make bouquet on it. These flowering plants originally native to Europe and western Asia. In the United State it occurs in disturbed areas, road shoulders, meadows and field from Texas to Florida and North to Southern Canada. Many of these flower have branched flowering stems and larger flower clusters. Some are selected for stronger stems that don't requiem staking.