It's that time of year!

This is the best time of year, all of the most wonderful feel good Christmas movies are played on satellite television!

My favorite Christmas movie has got to be "It's a Wonderful Life". Jimmy Stewart is at his finest in this heart warming movie. This movie has it all; angels, bad guys, good guys, children and an inner struggle with the lead character. The amazing thing about "It's a Wonderful Life" is it is a timeless story, ageless in its message of what is important in life. We are reminded that a persons life is not measured by material things, but in the people who's lives we touch, as everyone has an important role in their own special way.

Watching this favorite Christmas classic on DVR deals every year has become a tradition in my home. It has lent itself to not only re-enforce the meaning of the holiday season, but to also bring my family together for a few hours during this hectic time of year.

I still catch myself listening for the bells at Christmas, since, as we all know: "Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings"