Long nosed bandicoot cary their babies like kangaroos and opossum do

Sorry that I do not get to share much information this week about my plants and animals blog. I been having trouble with our internet connection. When it rain hard here the connection went off and sometimes gose for two days or a week. How I wish my mother did not change our internet connection. Today I will discuss about Long nossed bandicoot. There is Short nosed bandicoot too, if you search about this animals try to specific your word. The long nosed bandicoot belongs to the family Peramelesnasuta and is a species of the bandicoot found in Australia. This animal has pointed ears and a long pointed snout. The long nosed bandicoot live in open plains, wooded areas, undergrowth, cleared grassland, and drainpipes near towns. They build their nests in a sheltered spot of the ground and they sleep in nest made of grass and sticks. This animals have a sleek, course, graish brown coat. they lack the darker back stripes of other bandicoot species. This is marupial animals like opossums and kangaroos. They carry their children like kangaroos and opossums do. They are about 20 inches long when fully grown and weights about 3 pounds. Bandicoot babies are born in the springtime, although they can be born nearly any time all year. A female bandicoot has about 3 little babies who stay in the pouch, facing backwards while they nurse inside the pouch. Their diet is, in searching for food, the bandicoot digs holes with its forefeet, these holes are large enough to fit its snout underground.