Main prey of Banded mongoose are birds

Banded mongoose is look like a cat and a big rat. Small eye and small mount. This species is belong to Herpestidae family. This animals can be found in parts of Africa. Banded mongoose could survive on many habitats, such as woods land, rocky ground and grasslands. They don't survive at deserts places. The size of this species is around 50=60 cm in length with a slender tapered tail of 18-25cm length. Their coat is dark brown to brownish grey in colour and it has prominent dark bands across its back. The banded mongoose eat insects and other invertebrates animals such as birds and their eggs, small rodents, carrion, snakes and reptiles. 

For reproduction of this species, after two-months gestation, a banded mongoose gives birth to a litter of two or three young. A litter may be as large as six. This animals are more sociable, running in packs of about 20 individuals and occasionally as many as 50. Member of a pack often follow one another very closely and move like a huge snake winding through greass or undergrowth. They are quite noisy and their wide range of sound include crooning, high pitch twittering cries, bird like whistling and a particular chittering when alarmed. The enemy of this species are big predators, mainly hyenas, leopards, jackals and birds. A banded mongoose is diurnal and definitely not a solitary creature. This animals can be found in North Eastern part of South Africa, Northen parts of Namibia and Botswana as well as Mozambique and parts of Angola, Zambia, Somalia, and Unganda.