Whales are dangerous to every human and living things

Whales is the dangerous creatures under the water. If I have to fight the wild animals I will pick to fight wild animals in the land than fighting creatures under the water. My reason is, under water you can't breath while in land you can breath. I remember last year ago there were two ship got sunk in this country. Too many people died because of under water creatures. Aside from that people can't breath under water. I don't like whales and I hope I would never meet one. Today I will discuss about whales. As you know there are many kinds of whales but I pick Baleen whale. This kind of whales comprise the mysticeti, one of two suborders of the mammalian order cetacea. The other suborder being the Orthodontic or toothed whales. To identify the baleen whales, it has plates of baleen growing down from the upper jaw, in rows down each side of the mouth. So when you see that kind of whales you name it Baleen. It is one of the largest animals on earth, yet they feed on some of the smallest animals in the ocean. Baleen whales is divided into four families: right, gray, rorqual and pygmy right whales. The Baleen whales feed low on the food chain, primarily eating zoo-plankton and small fishes. Scientists estimate the large baleen whales eat about 4% of their body weight each day during the feeding season. Food intake during stored as fat much of it in the blubber. They stores layer of fat on blubber and that is their energy to reserve as it is necessary during the traveling and breeding seasons. The female give birth about 10-14 months after mating with a male. Twin are extremely rare.The calves baleen whales are born in warm water which ensures their survival until they develop a layer of blubber as insulation. The newborn calf size depends on species.