The bat-eared fox do not fly, why?

When I was young I really thought that there is only one kind of bat. Researching on the internet really helps a lot. With the use of internet I know things I wonder about such as studying about bat. There is a lot of bat and there is bat Asian false vampire, bat little brown, bat Madagascar fruit, and bat eared fox. Today I will share about bat eared fox. The bath eared fox is belong to canidae family and mammal type. The bat eared fox can grow up to 5.3 inches long. The body of this animal is ashy gray in color with black limbs and tail. The back of its enormous ears are also black and it has a raccoon like white face mask. This species are mostly nocturnal, emerging from their underground dens at dusk to feed during the night. They usually monogamous and breed annually, producing a litter of 3 to 6 pups. Males participate in guarding, grooming, and playing with the young as much as or even more that the mother. The teeth of the bat eared fox are much smaller than teeth of other can-id species. Bat -eared fox eat insects and other arthropods, especially the harvester termite and dung beetles. But they also occasionally feed on small rodents, eggs, chicks of birds, plant matter and lizard. The predators of bat eared fox are all large predators such as lion, leopard, hyena, large birds and other large animals. The bat eared fox is active during both day and night but in areas where they are persecuted they tend to become almost completely nocturnal. Where can people find the bat eared fox? There are two distinct populations of bat eared foxes. On in Southern Africa and the other in East Africa.