Bee-eater possess startling grace and beauty

When I see bees I run as they hurt bad when they sting. I remember when I was climbing the coconut tree there were a lot of bees. Huh! I was so scared that I come down like a lizard running down the coconut tree. I thought bees don't have a prey but I am wrong, there are bird called carmine Bee-eater. This kind of bird are carmine in color, except for its greenish blue head and throat and the bold black mash like stripe across their eyes. The color of their eyes are red and they have lack point curved beak. The predators of this species are cheetah, lion. leopard, hyena, eland and impala that migrate through the area. Bee-eater are insectivorous, they eat mainly flying insects like bees, grasshoppers and other flying insects. The bee-eater lay three to five eggs are laid per clutch. The color of their eggs are white and glossy, about 25x21mm. This bird hunt mainly by keeping watch for flying insects from a perch. They also fly freely to bush fires to prey upon fleeing insects. As for breeding, during non-breeding seasons they migrate south to Zaire, Tanzania and Kenya. I like the color of these kind of birds, they have wonderful colorful color. In fact they possess startling grace and beauty. It is one of a kind of a social birds breeding in colonies on river banks and foraging out over open country. They are almost strictly predators on flying insects. Once an insects landed, the bee-eater ignores it even if in plain sight. They are just made to catch things on the wing. These bird mostly found in Asia, Africa and Southern Europe.