Aeoniums are very easy to propagate only during their active growth

It's been a while that I do not share about plants. Today I will share about Aeonium plants. Aeoniums are originally from the islands of the North coast of Africa and are generally winter-growing and summer -dormant. Despite what many experts say, an Aeoniums will do quite well in the Phoenix metro as long as you select suitable varieties and as long as you give them plenty of sun in the winter and light shade in the summer. This species are one of the most ornamental of all the succulents. This plants is a member of the crassulaceae, a huge family of succulents that include many other popular and commonly grown succulents including some that look a lot like Aeoniums. In behalf, aeoniums are very versatile succulent plants requiring low maintainance. They are beautiful rosetted succulents that work well with other succulents such as aloes, pigface, agaves and cacti. aeoniums grow actively during the cooler months, generally November through May or June, so those are the months to water and fertilize them regularly. Remember that aeoniums are very easy to propagate from stem cuttings in late winter and early spring. This plant root quickly and easily, but remember that only during their active growth during the cool months. If you are planning to plant aeoniums, I hope you will have a good time planting them.