Agrostemma is poisoning in human and livestock

This flowering plants bloom on May until September. You can find this species scattered throughout Missouri. The plant is toxic and has been known to cause poisoning in livestock and human. The agrostemma flower is easy to identify in the field because of its serious stems and leaves and its bright pinkish flowers. This species is attractive to bees, butterflies and birds as well. The agrostemma is native to Europe. It is known as a weed of cereals and other crops, probably with a centre of origin in the eastern Mediterranean. It is a nice filler flower for making bouquets. It gives an airy, fresh and charming look to the country bouquets. I love lavender flower and agrostemma is one of the species that gives a lavender flower.For those who have research about this flowering plants I am talking about here. I hope the information I am sharing will fill up your research.