The Black Kite Bird

The black kite is a medium sized bird of prey in the family Accipitridae which also includes many other diurnal raptors. This bird is widely distributes through the temperate and tropical parts of Eurasia and pars of Australasia with the temperate region populations tending to be migratory. This bird ubiquitous with nearly every part of the world except the Americas. The bird can be identified with its characteristic eagle-like look but its plumage is largely consistent with a single hue of brown. It will have ribbed set of stripes present on the underside of its tail. This bird is uncommon to urban areas where like other urban raptor species, they are famed for taking advantage of the thermal air currents that rise of urban structures like building. these bird are spread all over the world and in area where they are native to the tropics like India and Africa do not migrate like variants that hail from colder parts of the world like Australia.

In winter season, kites from large communal roots. Flocks may fly about before settling at the roost. When migrating, the black kite has great propensity to form large flocks than other migratory raptors, particularly prior to making a crossing across water. As for breeding season, the young birds pledging before the monsoons. The nest is rough platform of twigs and rags placed in a tree. Nest sites many be reused in subsequent years.The black kite bird, have quite interesting hunting habits and will soar high in the air and swoop down on their prey. They are especially attracted by instinct towards smoke that comes from the ground.