The Chickadee's will eat food out of your hand

Wow! what a cute little creature this bird is. The Black-capped Chickadee is a small bird and is considered cute. It has oversize round head,tiny body, and curiosity about everything including humans. This species has a short neck, large head and spherical body head. It has white cheeks, the back soft gray, the wings feathers gray edged with white and the underpants soft buffy on the sides grading to white beneath. Some people says, this bird is fun to watch because of its acrobatic nature actions as it hangs upside down or forages through branches. This bird can be found throughout the Northern U.S, Canada and Alaska. They like open woods, willow thickets, groves, parks with shade trees, farmlands, and backyard with trees, and shrubs. The natural food of Chickadee are insects, berries and seeds. I like this little bird. They are so adorable and cute. Some people find out that birds like chickadees will eat out of your hand. There are other birds that will eat from your hand. They are Downy woodpeckers, hummingbirds, and nuthatches.