Chilean Flamingos flow into a “V” angle

I do not see Chilean Flamingos in real but when I check the photos of this animals I said" Its very funny looking bird with long foot. This bird is a tall, large bodied with a long neck and dmall head. It has pale pink plumage and bills. This species stand between 1.1 and 1.3 m (3.6-4.3 ft) in height. It weigh about 2.3 and 3.5 kgs. This bird range at South America, Chile, Souther ArgentinaFlame1, Bolivia, Southern Brazil and Paraguay. Flamingos belong to one of the oldest bird families dating back 30 million years in their present day forms. There is continued controversy over their classification,but many researchers list flamigos in their own order, Phoenicopteriformes and in the family Phoenicopteridae.   Flame2

The Flamingos are not born with their beautiful pink plumage. Their color comes from the carotenoid pigments they consume as part of their diet. Both female and male make the nests by scooping mud together with their feet and bill. The chicks hatch after 27-31 days of incubation. The gray downy chick stays on top of the nest between the wing and body of either parents. At birth the chicks has a straight beak. Both male and female feed the chicks like "crop milk" which comes from the parents upper digestive tract. When the chicks are old enough to walk they gather together in reaches that are watched over by a few adult birds. When the young bird flamingos reaches 3-5 years of age they will have reached sexual maturity and gained their full adult plumage. The predator of this creature is an animal that catches and kills others known as its prey.