Civet cat is nocturnal cat-like creature

Cat is the family of Felidae and class of mammalia. Today I will discuss about Civet cat. This species belong to the taxonomic family viverridae and know as the palm civet cat. This kind of cat are nocturnal and spend most of their time in the trees. When you see a cat that have long tail, sharp teeth and claws that is a civet cat.Civet catHow to prepare civet cat? there is simplest way to prepare civet for the dinner table is to roast the animal whole. A traditional Filipino recipe mask the taste by adding vinegar, soy sauce, pepper, salt and oregano to the mix. There are types of civets: Civet banded palm, civet large Indian, civet binturong, and civet two spotted. The civet cat feeds primarily on insects, fruits and small animals. Civet -cat 

In addition, civet cat are not true cats but civet family is related the cat family Felidae. It is a medium sized, nocturnal cat-like creature. Most civets have catlike bodies, long tails and weasel like faces. Their fur may be brown, gray and maybe marked in various patterns. The civet cat found in Africa and in the East Indies. The size is approximately 17-28 inches in length, excluding its long tail and weighs about 3 to 10 pounds. For more information, civet cat is not a cat it indeed more related to mongoose than to any cat. This species look like a cat as it looks catlike body with long legs, tail and a masked face resembling a raccoon or weasel. The civet has been the source of a highly-valued musk, used as a stabilizing agent in perfumes.