Mountain Sandwort is an awesome flowers

Mountain Sandwort It seem like I haven't been able to share  an article about plants lately. Today I share about Arenia species. The common name of Arenia is Mountain Sandwort, and it is good for rock gardens or edging. This plant need to be well- watered during its growing season it would look a whole lot more beautiful with white awesome flowers. Where to plant this plant? it grow in moist soils but prefers sandy soils with a pH of neutral to slightly alkaline. It requires full sun, partial shade, and partial sun. I kinda like this flowering plants, it grows like a bouquet.

The leave are not but and the color is gray-green leave stem-less white flowers in spring. Mountain -Sandwort There are many kinds of Arenia flowering plants. There is Arenia kingii, which have narrow, grasslike leaves, Arenia ledebouriana that looks something like a miniature mounding conifer, Arenia grandiflora that has white large flowers, and many more. I like Arenia Alfacarensis among all. It looks pretty neat and form like a big flower. I sure when it blooms it will be very beautiful like a well arrange boquet for wedding.