Roaring river at the State of Missouri

Yesterday wasn’t so hot and my husband and I went for a drive at the state of Missouri. We went to the roaring river where the water come out from the cave. The water is cold and there many big fishes. We bought some food to feed the fish and I enjoyed feeding the fish. I love to fish but my husband and I intending to visit to that river to watch the beautiful sceneries. If you haven’t been to Roaring River at the State of MP1080716Missouri, I suggest you to visit it. There is no entrance fee so you don’t have to worry whether you have money or not. If you want to go to fishing I say Roaring River is the best place to fish. There are lot of fish and as I saw yesterday the fishermen don’t have a hard time catching the fish. I hope I can visit Roaring River again. I love fishing and hope I can fish there someday. While my husband were at the Roaring River we take the opportunity to take some pictures. I uploaded some here and I hope you enjoy to see them. Roaring River is the beautiful place to relax and go for vacation.

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