Ameria have many subspecies

Ameria1 Ameria is a low tufted foliage and globe-shaped flowers. It has dead-heading and will prolong flowering. The common name of Ameria is Sea pink, Common thrift, and Seathrift. This species prefers soil that is well-drained, sandy, loamy or clay with a neutral pH (7.0).It is good for containers planting, border or ground cover, and rock garden. This plant native to the Mediterranean although Ameria maritima is an exception, being distributed along the coasts of the Northern Hemisphere, including Ireland, parts of the United Kingdom such as Cornwall, and the Pembrokeshire Cost National Park in Wales. Ameria have many subspecies, there are Ameria Alpina, Ameria caespitosa, Ameria gaditana and many more.

Among all the subspeciesAmeria I like Ameria caespitosa the best. It has compact cushion of needle-like foliage smothered with rosy pink flowers in spring. The flowering plants Ameria caespitosa grow covering the whole land at their disposal. It is a plant for a rock garden, it is small in size and in spring time it assumes a pink coloring. The leaves are evergreen and they keep their leave green year round. This species don't fear cold weather. These species needs at least a few hours a day of sunlight. The good thing about this plant is, they grow all year round. When the spring begins, the stems and leave quickly start to reproduce. Sorry there is not much information about this flowers. If have more information about this flowering plants just simply leave your comments at the bottom of this page or go to comments button.

Note: Not all Ameria species has evergreen leaves.