Cape cobra is a timid snake

ScreenHunter_02 Sep. 05 06.54 I’m not fascinated on snake, I hate them actually and when I say one I love to kill it even they are not poisonous. For me snakes symbolize as evil creature as in the begginning Eve and Adam live in the paradise but the serpent tempted Eve. When Eve was tempted to eat the forbidden fruit in the garden the Lord give them a chance to live. Therefore we are here in this world right now because of Adam and Eve. The snake had got punished by changing them into crawling creatures. So today I share about Cape cobra. This kind of cobra is a common monotypic elapid species in the Western Cape, and is responsible for most fatal incidents of snakebite in the province. The venom is also the most potent of all the South African Cobra. It produces a powerful neurotoxin that affects the respiratory system.When a person bitten, death normally occurs about 2-5 hours after being bite.This snake is diurnal and is primarily active during the day and early evening. It eats wide spectrum of prey, other snakes and tend to climb low trees and raid weaver birds colonies. It is a great climber snake. It is a timid snake that always seeking to escape when encountered, although when aroused it has been described as willing to bite readily. During mating period it is known that Cape cobra is more aggressive. The Cape cobra is oviparous snake produces between 8-22 eggs in a clutch.