Ameria has 80 species

Ameria Armeria has 80 species of tufted, hummock, or cushion-forming perennials. It is found spread  througthout mountainous areas in Europe, Northern Africa, Turkey and the Pacific coast. This plants is one of the larger clump forming thrifts to 20-30 with spikes of pink flowers and wide, flat grassy leaves. Its name are, alliacea, as in onion or chive with it resembles. It is native to the coast of Spain, Morocco and Algeria. To grow Armeria, plant them in a well-drained soil that has been enriched with organic matter.Ameria1 It prefers a sand based soil, but will perform ideally in well-drained clay. As for pests, it is rarely bothered by pests with aphids and spider mites being the most likely bugs to take up residence among the leaves. Sorry there is not much information about Ameria but if we talk about the genus there is more. For more information check out Ameria online.