Anchusa can be planted any time of the year

Anchusa I like the pink color but when I see the Anchusa flowering plants that has purple color I also like the purple. Today I will share an article about Anchusa. This species belong to borage family and has several species of which are cultivated for their blue or purplish flowers that resemble forget-me-nots. In South Africa it grows wild, and it grows in dry, sandy places and is often found in disturbed areas such as roadside verges. On sunny days the bees love visiting this beautiful Anchusa flowers. This is one of the very easy plant adapting to most soils, surviving on very little water and seeding itself readily. The basic requirements are full sun and well-drained soil in the western Cape the plants grow during the wet winter and flower in late spring and early summer.

Anchusa1 Anchusa is still popular today and it grows 4-5 feet tall with deep blue late spring, summer and fall flowers. This flowering plants are all more less hairy and have alternative leaves and leafy, usually one-sided, flower cluster not unlike, those of forget-me-not. To plant Anchusa, you do not have a problem because it can be sown almost any time of the year. For a spring display, sow the seeds late in the summer and for a summer display sow the seeds in winter. Wow, its a very nice flowering plants that do grow whither in the cold weather or hot weather.