Anthericum is useful for lawn vases & borders

Antheric The topic I want to share with you here today is about Anthericum. This species know as St.Bernard's Lily, is an upright plant, growing from 18 to 24 inches high and 12 inches wide. Anthericum is a genus of about 300 species, rhizomatous perennial plants in the family Agavaceae. If you are planning to plant anthericum, remember that it is useful for lawn vases, for borders that are protected in winter at the North, for greenhouses and also for growing under benches. It needs plenty of water during blooming time. The anthericum is native in Southern countries and is widespread in Central Asia and Russia.

To Grow The Anthericum

Anthericum Plant them in sunny areas and calcareous soils, on semiarid grasslands, slopes and forest edges. This plant is trim and neat with tidy firm basal foliage that is beautiful in it's own right starting in July, erect, wiry branched stems sport flurries of starry white flowers, each with a yellow ovary and sporting yellow anthers. This species bloom throughout the summer, growing to about 2' -3 tall and is a visual delight on sunny days when the reflect white flowers open.