There are plants that is use as herbal medicine ,so for now lets focus on YERBA BUENA.

Yerba Buena   is an important medicinal plant .Primarily a pain reliever,it is also used in gaseous distention and as mouthwash.The efficacy  and safety of yerba buena have been proven through scientific research  and clinical trials.In fact dried Yerba Buena leaves have been manufactured into tablet form by the department of Science and Technology through the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development.
In  one way we can also have  yerba buena  preparation into our own home.But do u guys recognize yerba buena clearly ?Well this plant is  a creeping  herb that rises to only 20 centimeters or 8 inches from the ground its stems are fleshy or non-woody  and the leaves are coarse ,this plant is also strongly aromatic.
However there are also another creeping plant that is also called Yerba Buena  ,known scientifically as Mentha Arvensis L. and also commonly as Poleo or Poliyo in some places,this non medicinal yerba buena has narrower leaves and bears pale lilac flowers ,while the medicinal yerba buena  does not flower in the philippines.
Here we go ,medicinal uses of  yerba buena.
Yerba Buena is indicated  or used primarily as pain reliever .The medicinal term for pain reliever is analgesic .As analgesic Yerba Buena is effective for headache .toothache ,and pains caused by athritis and uses as gaseous distention ,and a mouthwash.ok guys thats all for now...thanks to Yerba Buena plant it can help a lot if you know how.