What will you do when you see Bear in the forest?(OMG) might scared!

I like to learn about animals because I planned to build a zoo someday.I studied about Bear animals today.And I know something about them.Oh really feel good,when i saw bears in the zoo but when in forest oh i wanna die...lol Anyway lets get to know what Bear behavior and etc.Bears are found in most part of the world except for Australia and Africa.They have short ,powerful limbs and heavy,broad heads with strong jaws.They also have long claws for digging and tearing,they do not have sharp eyesight,but their sense of smell is excellent,although they usually move slowly and often look clumsy,they can run quite fast if they have to ,and most kinds of bear can climb tree's.There are seven species of bear which include several of the worlds largest carnivores.The largest bear of all is the Alaskan brown bear which can weigh over 750 kg.It is actually the same species as the grizzly of western North America and the brown bear of Europe and Siberia .The Polar Bear lives in snowy Arctic regions ,where its all white coate provides it with perfect comouflage.All of the five remaining bears have black coats.They are the American black bear ,the Asian black bear ,the spectacled bear ,the sloth bear and the sun bear.Bears that inhabit cold areas hibernate for the winter.Brown and black bears eat almost anything ,including leaves ,roots ,fruits ,honey,worms ,fish and small animals.Polar bears hunt small whales and seals .Sloth bears are more fussy ,they feed only on ants and termites.oh thats the lives of bears.Despite their size bears are usually shy,they attack only if disturbed or cornered.Now I learned about bears needs and behavior.Thanks!!!